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The ABC Green Home Brand Expands

From 1.0 to 1a and 1b, to 2.0, 3.0, 3a and 3b—the ABC Green Home brand, which delivers affordable and sustainable veteran housing, is expanding

By Jessica Burger

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A Net Zero Neighborhood Sets a New Standard

Meritage Homes’ new Sierra Crest community features an enclave of 20 ZNE homes

By Jessica Burger

Green Living on the Lake

The master-planned community of Hayden Lakes in Cypress, Texas by Beazer Homes incorporates energy-efficient elements with country-inspired living

By Carina Calhoun

Sendera Place Emphasizes Green Living

Maracay Homes adds to their presence in the Southeast Valley of Arizona with Sendera Place

By Sergio Flores

The PureBlue Home, a Green Game-Changer

Brookfield Residential accomplishes most ambitious eco-friendly home project yet

By Tamara Philips

Perris Station Enriches Seniors’ Lives

Highridge Costa Companies’ LEED-H Gold certified 55+ apartment community spurs Perris’ economy

By Tamara Philips

Departments from our current issue

The Evolution of Green Homebuilding

Here at Peninsula Publishing, our magazine may be celebrating 10 years, but the green homebuilding movement, procedures and policies date back decades Read more

By Jessica Burger

Creating Large Margins with Urban Infill

The increased amenities and improved aesthetic combined with lower costs provide an advantage for builders Read more

By Todd Hallett

Green and Smart: The Perfect Marriage

The close relationship between green and smart home technology give the home market a bright future Read more

By Glenn Renner

WaterSense Provides a Blueprint for Savings

WaterSense easily adapts to new California regulations Read more

By Jonah Schein

Eco-Friendly Designing Has Never Been Easier

In just a decade the green options available in the market are endless Read more

By Jenna Pizzigati-Coppola

Laying a Firm Foundation

Third-party certifications and validations are worthwhile investments Read more

By Jason Brubaker

THE GHB Interview

John is the program manager for all new energy-efficient residential construction programs for Southern California Edison. Read more

John Morton


Well, here it is. Our tenth Anniversary edition of Green Home Builder magazine. Read more

Nick Slevin

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