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ABC Green Home 2.0: Building with a Purpose

The ABC Green Home 2.0 broke ground on Monday June 9, proving once again that sustainable homes are affordable, buildable and certifiable.

By Stephanie Consiglio, Marco Martinez and Stephanie Ornelas

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Green Amenities at an Affordable Value

Constantly moving foward, Garbett Homes doesnít cease to come up with new home designs that are not only high performance and extremely energy efficient, but also affordable.

By Stephanie Consiglio

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Healthy Living in the Heart of Texas

Taylor Morrison Homes is the perfect example of sustainable living. Their LEED Certified projects in Texas have a luxurious flair and display efficiency.

By Stephanie Ornelas

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Sophisticated Seaside Estates

Windover creates sophisticated luxury homes, all executed with a passion and attention to detail by integrating each home with its surrounding environment for low impact.

By Stephanie Consiglio

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Sustainability and Affordability as a Universal Standard

Many Americans' median income is still well below what it was before the Great Recession, affordable housing is important and inexpensive green features make the affordable net zero home very possible.

By Stephanie Consiglio

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The Sun is Shining Brightly on Homes with Solar As Standard

Solar power is no longer a costly amenity and homebuyers are almost expecting to buy their home with a solar power system already included.

By Jim Petersen

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The Uncertain Nature of Real Estate and Climate Change

The changing climate is playing a critical role in how we view the future of real-estate industries. Research is helping us foreshadow and prevent grave threats to our industries.

By Henry Cisneros

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A Driving Lesson For the Homebuilding Industry

Real savings, not a certificate, will be the key to driving home sales.

By Manny Gonzalez, AIA, LEED AP

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Utilizing Sustinabale Solutions for your Project

There are a variety of sustainable solutions one is encouraged to consider when building their next high performance home.

By Saeed J. Bekam

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Sales Tools to Sell High-Performance Homes

Selling high-performance homes that are sustainable comes with strategic planning.

By Glenn Renner

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A New Look at Sustainable Building

The opportunities in green building are rapidly expanding.

By C.R. Herro

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THE GHB Interview

Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect

Energy Departmentís Building Technologies Office

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2013 Building Products Brand Survey Winners

The results are in for the 2013 Peninsula Publishing Building Products Brand Survey. These are the products most preferred by the readers of Builder and Developer, Green Home Builder magazines and Builder Bytes.

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