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Imagine Net-Zero and Innovative Design

Imagine Homes has only built high performance homes and is the only builder to have 100 percent green certified homes in the San Antonio area.

By Stephanie Consiglio

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Relearning the ABC’s of Home Building

As we look forward to start-up plans on our third ABC Green Home (3.0), it’s important to understand how to use green design in an affordable home.

By Manny Gonzalez, AIA, LEED AP

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Z.E.N: Feel Good About Green

The Z.E.N. Collection (zero energy now) by New Town Builders is a series of zero net energy homes located in Denver, Colorado.

By Stephanie Ornelas

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Building for a Quality Lifestyle

LifeStyle Homes is a local homebuilder who strives to create a nearly net-zero community in Harmony. Monterey I is a perfect model reflecting this.

By Stephanie Consiglio

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The Bright Future of Zero Net Energy Homes

A growing number of homes are meeting the zero net energy standards, raising confidence that a ZNE goal is realistic given current building technologies.


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The Great Recession is Over – Shift in Focus

The first step to prospering in the green building industry is to focus on the health of each homebuyer.

By Katherine Austin

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Building Solar-Ready Roofs

Perhaps the greatest challenge to community and home design is the Solar-Ready Roof.

By Ron Nestor

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Understanding All Green Options for Homes

New advances in dynamic windows are improving comfort and energy efficiency in homes without compromising daylighting and views.

by Geoff Brown

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Making a Dream Home a Green Home

“Staycation” home on Lake Lanier proves upscale living can co-exist with environmental responsibility.

By Bridget Kidd

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Solutions to California’s Water Crisis

Reservoirs in California are at record lows as California faced one of its driest years in history. Educating ourselves on water efficiency is a crucial step if we are to survive.

By David Gottfried

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Three-Step Process to Selling Green

This three-step process is designed to help aid you in the right direction of selling green sustainable homes.

By Jamie Clark

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Mastering Energy Efficiency and Clean Air

As the demand for sustainable homes continues to grow, homebuyers will expect healthier solutions that will improve air quality.

By Larry Hartley

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