About Us

Builder Media was established  in 1990 to publish news and content for home building, municipal, infrastructure and water management professionals. Based in Newport Beach, California the company began by publishing b2b magazines for industry professionals.

In 1996 we launched our first website. In 2007 we published our first e-newsletter. In 2008 we launched our first web linked digital edition magazine.

In 2010 we developed and constructed the multiple award winning ABC Green Home Project, to demonstrate best practices in higher performance Net-Zero-Energy home building design, materials and construction using our partner’s building materials and in partnership with The Southern California Edson Company and The Southern California Gas Company.

The dual energy ABC Green Home 4.0, located in Crestline, California and completed in 2022, has earned 10 advanced energy certifications and is Net Positive, making more energy than it consumes, by design.

With a combined audience of almost 400,000 trade professionals Builder Media continues to grow our audience share while constantly innovating and adapting to the changing b2b media landscape on behalf of our trade partners and our subscriber audience.

We appreciate your interest in Builder Media, thank you.