$1.1 Million Wyoming Home Is So Energy Efficient It Costs Nothing To Power

This world-class, net-zero energy home in Wyoming, located just outside Lander in Red Canyon, is listed for $1.1 million. Despite its advanced design, you won’t find any unusually strange gizmos or gadgets here.

According to Cowboy State Daily, net zero energy refers to the situation where all of a home’s power needs are produced independent of a utility company’s power grid even if, as in this case, the home is connected to that grid.

The construction changes that accomplish this outcome add about 10% extra to the home’s upfront construction costs, said Denzer and faculty advisor John Gardzelewski.

They told Cowboy State Daily that the additional expense is paid off in energy savings within a roughly seven- to eight-year period, after which, energy is provided to the home for free.

Denzer estimates that not paying an energy bill is a net $150 to $300 a month deduction from housing costs.

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