A Builders Guide to Net Zero Homes

Doug Tarry is the President of Doug Tarry Homes (DTH), a renowned home-building company founded in 1954 and based in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. Recently, DTH celebrated a milestone as the first builder to construct and label 500 Net Zero Ready homes in Canada under the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) Net Zero Program.
According to the EEBA, From Bleeding Edge to Leading Edge: A Builders Guide to Net Zero Homes” is a ground-breaking new book by Doug Tarry, whose company has certified more Net Zero / Net Zero Ready homes (500 and counting) than any other builder in Canada. Written in plain language and infused with humor and storytelling, this book is a must-read for builders, renovators, architects, municipal officials, industry stakeholders and home buyers – anyone interested in the future of home building. It will help builders and their teams get to Net Zero in less time, with far less cost and pain.