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Builders Aim To Elevate Design With New Density in the Suburbs

According to Building Salt Lake, Housing in the suburbs swelling in the southwest corner of the Salt Lake Valley following the 2008 recession often share a similar look: a sea of beige and off-white stucco, maybe some stacked stone, or brick trim with double-wide garage doors facing the street surrounded by a green lawn on about a quarter-acre. 

But thanks in part to an effort in Herriman to elevate the design quality and promote missing middle housing, a developer is building dozens of new single-family attached homes in a new urbanist style.

“We have a few major, regional builders here,” said Michael Maloy, Herriman City Planning Director. “They all do similar styles with some options. They are fine but that is mostly what we’ve done in Herriman. My objective has been to try and bring some better design and some more thoughtful development.”

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