Energy Efficient Homes Prove to Sell Faster Than Homes Simply Built to Code

Rob Howard, developer of Howard Building Science, is proving sustainable homes can be affordable through his new community. People tend to have a disbelief in the aspect that these highly-efficient homes can in fact be affordable, but those aren’t the only factors when it comes to a home.

“We know utility costs are just going to continue to rise so having a home that uses energy efficiently just makes sense,” he said. “It literally pays for itself over time.”

According to WSCOTV, “Where are the starter homes for people who are trying to buy their first home?” he said. “And what are the options for people who don’t have a lot of money saved up for retirement?”

The Duke Street Cottages in Granite Falls are Howard’s answer: 11 new-build homes, built to the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home standards, all priced below $270,000.

“We’re trying to prove that attainable is sustainable,” he said.

It’s a step above what you might find in an Energy Star-certified home. The DOE standard requires the strictest efficiency, insulation, and air quality standards while also equipping homes with the infrastructure to add a solar panel system or EV charging station without electrical upgrades in the future.

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