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Extreme Weather Patterns Are Shifting Trends in Housing Materials

As extreme weather events continue to trend upwards, builders and homeowners have turned their attention to emerging construction trends. This emphasizes the future of the construction industry and the importance of selecting strong, durable housing materials to withstand such events.

It was revealed in surveys from 2024 U.S. Industry Trend Report by CertainTeed to find our how consumers and professionals in the industry are factoring in extreme weather events and building resistance into building and renovation plans that there is indeed a trend to implement such.

“Our weather patterns are becoming increasingly more challenging to address,” said Tyler Grace, Owner of TRG Home Concepts/Co-Host of the Modern Craftsman Podcast. “The heat continues to rise while the air quality becomes worse. With renovation or remodeling projects, we must balance and discuss how our renovation will impact the entire performance of the home and how to properly do this without creating issues elsewhere.”

According to Mens Journal, While 70% of consumers acknowledge that the trend in weather is noticeable, only 48% admit to feeling as though their homes are prepared for the worst. Professional builders and contractors cite higher awareness of the changes in the environment, with 86% agreeing there have been extreme weather changes in the past two years. Of that percentage working to help customers, only 62% feel that their customer’s homes are adequately prepared. Additionally, 63% of women are more likely to value resilience in construction compared to 47% of men.

  • 54% of consumers cite energy efficiency (reduced energy consumption), while 52% and 49% rank water resistance and physical comfort inside the home as important factors
  • 56% of professionals focus on insulation, temperature regulating systems, and performance across seasons. 51% cite water resistance as a leading factor.

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