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Housing and Climate Change

The housing market has been adding to climate change and affecting the market itself. Here are ways to fix it:

According to CMHC-SCHL,

Our research focuses on:

  • Building resilience: We investigate ways to enhance the resilience of buildings, considering both new constructions and existing housing stock. By identifying vulnerabilities and developing adaptation measures, we aim to ensure that homes can withstand the changing climate and minimize potential damages.
  • Energy efficiency: We’re committed to promoting energy-efficient housing practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our research explores innovative building materials, energy-efficient technologies and best practices for retrofitting existing homes to improve energy performance and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Affordable housing: We recognize the importance of affordable housing in the face of climate change. Our research examines how to integrate climate resilience and energy efficiency measures into affordable housing projects, ensuring that populations in housing need have access to safe and sustainable homes.
  • Policy development: CMHC collaborates with government agencies, industry stakeholders and researchers to develop evidence-based policies and guidelines that support climate-resilient housing. Our research findings contribute to informed decision-making and help shape effective strategies at the local, regional and national levels.