How AI is Reshaping Energy Use in the Home

In the past, “home energy management” simply meant switching lights on and off and occasionally adjusting the thermostat. However, with rising energy demands and an aging utility grid, there is now an urgent need for cost-effective, sustainable, and resilient home energy solutions. AI-driven technologies are revolutionizing modern residential energy management by offering intelligent recommendations and automation.

According to Fast Company, smart energy systems optimize residential energy usage through renewable sources and hardware such as smart meters, inverters, batteries for energy storage and smart electrical panels. These systems create more energy-efficient buildings with less environmental impact, while their residents enjoy lower bills and a more comfortable living environment.

Savant’s smart home system uses AI algorithms to analyze consumer preferences and utility rates, tracking how each changes over time, Simmons says. “Our innovative software, which integrates with smart power modules in the electrical panel, brings a layer of intelligence into your home.”

Based on these analyses, the system recommends ways to optimize energy usage to lower costs, such as operating devices at certain times. For example, homeowners can save money by running appliances that draw more energy, like HVAC systems or dishwashers, during off-peak hours. By orchestrating a suite of smart devices for the entire home, Savant’s system ensures that energy consumption is both efficient and in line with homeowners’ preferences. In the process, users learn how to save energy by making simple daily changes.

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