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LEED V5 Public Comment Deadline Extended to May 24

Make use of the extension to provide feedback on the LEED v5 drafts and ensure the rating system addresses the needs of the green building community.

According to the USGBC, we have assembled some top questions asked during the public comment period to help you prepare to submit your feedback.

Is there a crosswalk showing changes from LEED v4.1 to LEED v5? Yes, the crosswalks for each rating system are live now for BD+C: New Construction and O+M: Existing Buildings.

How to comment: For those familiar with LEED v4 and LEED v4.1, these documents will serve as a guide. We encourage feedback on changes and new approaches introduced in LEED v5. It’s worth noting that positive comments are just as important as comments asking us to consider other directions. Both are assessed when determining where further refinements may be necessary so, please make sure your opinion is included.

Where can I find requirements for specific project types? LEED v5 is meant to be streamlined but that doesn’t mean that the customization is gone. Where applicable, project teams will still find requirements specific to their project types within each credit and prerequisite. Additionally, LEED v5 will include a library of strategies that any project can apply (or not) based on their unique space type and location. These strategies will be housed in the Project Priorities and Innovation category for each rating system.

How to comment: Let us know what you would like to see addressed in the Project Priorities and Innovation category. Are there strategies that have worked (or not worked) well?

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