New York Becomes First State to Launch Home Energy Rebate Program

The Department of Energy (DOE) has announced that New York is the first state to launch a Home Energy Rebates program. This initiative is designed to assist low- and middle-income families in making energy-efficient modifications to their homes.

According to The Presidential Prayer, the Inflation Reduction Act allocated $8.8 billion for all 50 states to develop state-level home energy programs with aid from the Energy Department. New York has received $158 million for its program, which is anticipated to reduce each home’s energy use by at least 20 percent. Massachusetts, Michigan, and Rhode Island have also applied to launch their state programs.

“From tax credits to rebates, the Biden-Harris Administration is determined to lower costs for American families and change the economics of home energy bills,” said Secretary Jennifer Granholm. “New York is leading the charge as states across the country gear up to launch their Home Energy Rebates program—delivering jobs, savings, and healthier homes.” 

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