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Public Comment Period for the 2024 National Green Building Standard Update Opens

The 45-day public comment period for Draft 2 of the 2024 National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Draft Standard begins on April 12, 2024. Home Innovation Research Labs, an ANSI-Accredited  Developer, is serving as secretariat, or administrator, of the standard development process. 

A PDF version of the Draft Standard including all changes approved by the Consensus Committee is  accessible at accompanied by a web-based submittal form for  comments. Anyone interested is eligible to submit comments on all changes shown in the draft  version. Only the marked changes and sections directly affected by those changes are open for  comment, and comments must be submitted by May 27, 2024. 

As an ANSI-approved standard, the NGBS is subject to periodic review and updates to ensure  consideration of advances in building codes, technology, and other developments. Initiated in 2007  by the International Code Council (ICC) and the National Association of Home Builders, the 2008  NGBS was the first point-based rating system for green residential construction, remodeling, and  land development to be approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The 2024  NGBS DRAFT 2 includes many changes such as updating the reference standards to align with more  modern versions of the I-codes and introduces new compliance pathways for existing buildings and  buildings located in the Tropical Climate Zone. 

For additional information and future updates on the 2024 NGBS development process,  visit Any questions regarding the public comment period or any  part of the standards development process should be submitted via our online contact  form:

ABOUT: Home Innovation Research Labs, located in Upper Marlboro, Md., is a full-service research,  testing, and consulting firm determined to improve the quality, durability, affordability, and  environmental performance of single- and multifamily homes and home building products – in  short, we aim to perfect the home. Our team has been integral in solving many of our client’s most  difficult product and technology issues and helping to introduce some of the most groundbreaking  innovations in construction. Home Innovation also serves as the standard development organization  and program administrator for the National Green Building Standard (NGBS), the largest residential  green certification in the nation. Through an interdisciplinary research approach – including market  research, building science analysis, laboratory testing, and standards development – we help to find  a home for innovation in the construction industry.