Sustainable Construction Practices

One of the largest carbon footprints on the earth is the construction industry, so here are some way to implement sustainability into construction practices.

According to Environmental Protection Online, project managers are responsible for optimizing available resources, reducing costs and achieving compliance with regulatory standards. Other factors may come into play during the project’s life cycle. This includes hiring experienced contractors, ensuring supply chains, procuring equipment and meeting deadlines. The need to integrate sustainable solutions into all areas of the project presents specific challenges for project managers.

Planning and implementation are tricky under these conditions. Each project needs to be defined with specific directions. Proper allocation and appropriation of resources between various groups involved is essential. The project team must fully understand how to implement the directives given in the planning phase.

The project planning phase must integrate sustainability into the following areas:

  • Identifying project milestones and performance targets
  • Tracking activities and troubleshooting problem areas
  • Defining relationships and coordinating team activities
  • Scheduling and meeting deadlines for project completion