Sustainable Homes Sell Faster as Buyers Look for Energy Efficiency

According to the second annual Domain Sustainability in Property Report, ‘green homes’ are easier to sell, attracting 16% more listing views nationwide.

Additionally, they spend 4% fewer days on the market.

According to Elite Agent, amidst a growing cost-of-living crisis, the data shows an encouraging trend, with a rise in motivation, adoption and reward of investing in sustainable home features.

Domain Chief of Research and Economics, Dr Nicola Powell, said the trend of green homes attracting greater buyer attention and selling faster was likely down to two factors.

“This performance is likely driven by two major factors: an increasing number of environmentally conscious buyers, leading to greater demand for greener homes, and the lifestyle benefits associated with such properties,” she said. 

“Features like cross-ventilation, north-facing orientation, heat recovery ventilation, and solar panels not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also offer practical advantages, potentially reducing maintenance costs for occupants.

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