The Future of Smart Homes

The real estate industry is experiencing a profound transformation in an era where technological advancements, particularly IoT-based applications, are unprecedented. Recent reports highlight that the global smart home market, valued at $80.21 billion in 2022, is projected to reach $338.28 billion by 2030. This remarkable growth signifies a significant shift in the sector, with IoT technologies leading the way in reshaping expectations for modern living and real estate management.

According to Appinventiv, the Internet of Things works as a system of interlinked intelligent devices that communicate via the Internet, thereby ensuring effective information exchange. These devices embedded in everyday objects, such as television sets, washing machines, curtains, and cars, can be programmed to do a multitude of tasks, from initiating the coffee roasting process in the morning to switching off the heating system while you are working away.

The real estate IoT trends are growing. Today, we count over 15 billion IoT devices installed everywhere, and this number is fast growing to 29 billion, according to Statista.

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