Sustainable Design

The Newest Must-Have Home Amenity for the Rich: Purified Air

The San Francisco home, equipped with a lap pool, sauna and movie theater, also has something else luxurious going for it: clean air. The home has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and two half-baths, all connected by an extensive air-filtration systems meant to handle the region’s heavy pollution.

The home was sold for $32 million with an additional $5 million in fixtures and furnishings by developer Gregory Malin.

According to Microsoft, Luxury homeowners are known to splurge on sleek kitchens, custom decor and art, but they are increasingly turning their attention to something less visible. Forest-fire smoke, the pandemic and increased awareness of sensitivities to mold and other irritants are making their interior environment a priority.

Many are investing in complex systems and flexible designs that promise healthier indoor air but still include spaces, such as glass-enclosed rooms, that make being indoors feel natural.

Listings are increasingly touting pollution-fighting amenities to lure home buyers. In Santa Rosa, Calif., a 13-acre estate for sale at $15 million has a whole-home air purifier. This spring, the Dovecote building, under construction in Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood, will offer six, three-bedroom condos built to strict green and clean-air standards, starting at $1.5 million.

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