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Top 10 States for NGBS Green Certification Activity in 2023

With more than 500,000 homes certified to the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) since 2009, builders across the United States are adding to the pipeline of NGBS projects.

According to the NAHB, four states rank in the top 10 for both single-family and multifamily projects in 2023: Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and Louisiana. Virginia once again tops single-family certification, and Texas again ranks No. 1 for multifamily certifications.

North Carolina and Louisiana are new additions to the single-family certification top 10, along with Michigan and Mississippi.

The NGBS provides builders with a national standard to define and measure sustainable multifamily and single-family homes, developments and remodeling projects. Third-party green certification also offers consumers a level of confidence that they are purchasing an independently verified green property.

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