Unlocking the Power of High-Performance Homes: A Marketing Coordinator’s Take on Building Science Education

Noyes Development, headquartered in Oregon, stands out as a high-performance home builder and a proud member of EEBA (Energy and Environmental Building Alliance). They prioritize staff education on building science and sustainable construction advancements through the EEBA Academy. Established in 1993 by Peter Noyes, the company has earned a strong reputation over three decades for crafting top-quality, stylish, and innovative homes while setting industry standards. Alex Vidal, their Marketing Coordinator, exemplifies their commitment to knowledge enhancement, having completed over 10 EEBA courses and designations, proudly showcasing them in his office.

According to the EEBA, numerous resources are available on the internet for individuals looking to acquire and expand their knowledge of building science. EEBA proved to be an exceptional resource, offering a user-friendly catalog of courses that are conveniently laid out for easy navigation and comprehension. 

Even if you’re not directly involved in the building science industry, I highly recommend considering the basic courses to gain a better understanding of how homes function, particularly if you’re a homeowner. It can provide invaluable insights into maintaining and improving your living space.

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