Unlocking the Power of High-Performance Homes: A Marketing Coordinator’s Take on Building Science Education

Oregon-based Noyes Development was founded in 1993 by Peter Noyes. The homebuilding company has secured a solid reputation, building high-quality, classy and innovative homes and setting the standard for high-performance homes.

The Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) released a Q&A with the company’s Marketing Coordinator Alex Vidal, a staff member dedicated to deepening his knowledge and has completed over 10 EEBA courses and designations – which he displays in his office.

According to EEBA’s Q&A with Vidal, As the Marketing Coordinator, I found Selling High Performance Homes to be incredibly beneficial. Yet, being employed by Noyes Development, a renowned builder of high-performance homes, I realized the necessity of comprehending all the features of the home to enhance my marketing efforts. Learning more about building science has only deepened my fascination with the subject. 

As a first-time homeowner, I’m constantly seeking ways to update my residence. The prerequisites of the High Performance Builder Designation encompass a diverse range of methods for improving the performance of both new construction, and updating existing homes, which align perfectly with my goals. 

Each course I took contributed to my ability to effectively educate the public about high-performance homes through marketing. For instance, while taking the Medical Impact of Poor Indoor Air course from my own home, I became increasingly aware of topics like IAQ, VOCs, PM, and more.  

After finishing the course, I bought an Air Quality Monitor to better understand what my family is breathing and if the home is healthy and safe. The significance of education in home health ties directly into marketing, as it underscores the importance of understanding high-performance features to make informed purchasing decisions. 

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