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Women in Green Events in 2024: Bringing Fresh Perspectives

A fusion of new ideas, innovations and technologies, a new outlook integrates familiar situations with a renewed approach. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is releasing its Women in Green series with the theme, “Fresh Perspectives.” This theme takes a look at addressing the challenges women professionals face in the industry as if encountered for the first time, asking the question: How would we perceive our achievements without the influence of historical sentiments?

According to USGBC, With four generations in today’s workforce and a fifth entering within the next decade, women’s professional experiences are rich and varied. This diversity provides an excellent platform for collaborative solutions and inspiration, moving beyond traditional frameworks as we work to build on past successes to address pressing challenges in the built environment, such as the urgent need for decarbonization, a focus on resilience, social equity outcomes, and advocating for bold public policies. Consider the possibilities of harnessing a wealth of fresh perspectives within reach. Imagine what we could do, create or be with that volume of new perspectives.

Since 2012, Women in Green has reached more than 5,500 women and allies and has expanded outside the U.S. to China, Europe, India and Mexico. The global platform empowers women and allies to enhance, strengthen and lead green industries across all sectors. Join USGBC at one of the Women in Green events happening this year across the U.S. to explore the potential to innovate, create and redefine our roles in today’s dynamic professional landscape.

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