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Working Together to Increase the Market for Green Building

Building upon Eye On Housing’s exploration of green building trends, major practices and resilience strategies based on The Building Sustainably: Green & Resilient Single- Family Homes 2024 SmartMarket Brief, the National Association of Home Builders’ economics and housing development entity shares an article that now shifts focus towards ways to increase green building within the housing market.   

According to Eye On Housing, The survey asked all respondents to select the top three factors that would increase their engagement with green building in the future. Half of respondents listed increased home buyer demand for green homes in their top three reasons. The second highest at 48% was availability of government or utility incentives in my area. Third, at 37%, was available, affordable high-quality green products. 

Home builders and remodelers who have built green projects were asked if they utilized any of the six approaches provided to demonstrate their projects were green. The top method was using a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score at 39%. This was followed by website marketing at 35%, which had notable regional differences. Website marking was most used in the Northeast (60%), then the Midwest (52%) and West (43%), but it was least common in the South (20%). The other four approaches listed were: third-party certification (34%), MLS information (33%), silent salesperson signage (20%), and green appraisal form (6%). 

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