Global Green Building Alliance Launches Guide to Net Zero

On June 28, 2024, a coalition of prominent international green building rating system organizations unveiled the inaugural global practical guide. This guide aims to streamline the $35 trillion investment required by 2030 to achieve global energy transition objectives.

According to Coatings World, financing Transformation: A Guide to Green Building for Green Bonds and Green Loans details how various building verification and certification standards can be used to comply with global classifications and bond frameworks, setting a trajectory for the global built environment to meet a sustainable 1.5°C climate threshold.

Gillian Charlesworth, CEO of BRE, said the guide is a testament to the unified international commitment to tackling climate change head-on.

“By unlocking significant capital, we can drive the essential decarbonization of our built environment despite the inherent challenges,” Charlesworth said.

“This guide represents a monumental first step in coordinating a worldwide movement for green buildings, and we eagerly anticipate further collaboration to meet the challenge of climate change in the sector.”

With buildings accounting for more than 30% of global energy use and more than a quarter of emissions, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has warned that the majority of existing buildings will still be standing in 2050, necessitating large-scale capital investments to support sustainable retrofits and meet climate targets.

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