Transforming Construction and Demolition Waste: The Role of Recycled Aggregates in Building a Sustainable Future

The construction and demolition waste sector, including excavated soils recycling, is poised for growth, projected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 5.6% from the current year through 2030.

According to D & RI, in global terms, Europe accounts for just shy of 30% of the global waste management market and for several reasons, even more impressive growth in this sector could be on the cards.

The increasing demand for construction materials closer to urban areas is one of those reasons for this, along with a realisation that natural resources are depleting, so a conscious effort is needed to use them wisely.

Innovation is aiding growth in the sector, with advances in technology allowing for more complex waste streams to be processed and the standard of washed product to be on par with natural materials.

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